Photo of a street in Florence.

The Times for a Feast ©

You may have heard the phrase “la dolce vita” and perhaps you know that it’s Italian for “the sweet life”. I discovered that it’s really an unofficial declaration given to Italians regarding a way of living. I witnessed this during my studies in the town of Cortona, in Tuscany. Cortona is filled with warm-hearted people, who graciously let me in to their culture and taught me lessons that helped me to grow, but also, to appreciate what it truly means to be a global citizen. All the while, I had good friends and neighbours to help guide me and encourage me to live la dolce vita every day whether I was in Venice, Sorrento, Arezzo, Cortona, or any other of the rich, historical, and often surprising places in Italy. I saw and learnt so very much in two and a half months, and the only words which can express my gratitude for the time spent there is simply “thank you” or “grazie mille”! Thank you for teaching me to enjoy single moments. Thank you for introducing me to proper cappuccinos, tiramisu and the consumption of artistic three course meals for dinner.  Most importantly, thank you for the beauty which surrounds every corner of your country and exemplifies itself in your people. Here are some photos I captured from my time in Italia.

A Love Letter to Italy in Pictures

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