In the spirit of full disclosure, I’ve only read one of Hemingway’s books (cue in The Sun Also Rises…). But, I heard of Hemingway’s idea of a “moveable feast” long before then; drawn to his idea of carrying the spirit of Paris and the lessons he learned there everywhere he went in the world.

Inspired in a similar way by the idea of the “moveable feast,” I hope to become deliberately discontent with routine that serves no purpose, and with being comfortable and thinking the same way without changing. The Times for a Feast is a reflection of my own personal landscape; a place to use ideas and inspirations of artists and creative thinkers around the world as my own great and interactive “moveable feast.”

Prepare to leave your table manners — ie. sticking with what you know — behind, and join me: because, life can have its moments when we learn to expect change for the better — and to see more of the unexpected.



  1. Excellent welcoming statement – I’ve been reading through your work for the past hour, having gotten here by way of discovering IMPREINT about two hours ago. This was the time normally reserved for a book and comfortable seat but I’m glad today that I skipped routine and I’ve been educated. I admire your reach in connected with, interviewing, and letting other artists speak! I’m a fan! – JM

    1. Thank you so much for these kind words! I’m glad that you’ve been able to connect to the artists and their work; and I hope to continue sharing the thoughts and experiences of artists and of people who live their lives as art :). – B

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